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The Rules
  1. You can ONLY claim 5 cricketers, but if you're nice you may be allowed to claim more!

  2. If the cricketer you intended to claim has already been claimed, you cannot claim him/her! Unless the person who has claimed them first is willing to share.

  3. Claims with stars (*) are not available so don't even try!

  4. At most 2 people per claim.

  5. Before you request, check the list. *Point's down where it says "Claimed List"*

  6. We will update the list regularly; whenever we see a new request. If we don't, that's because we do have a life, so don't hunt us down. Be patient.

  7. Request in a post, not a comment.

  8. Post should include - a) the full name of the cricketer, b) which country he/she plays for.

  9. When claiming you could post pictures so we can make you a banner to put up in your LJ user info.

  10. All pictures to be posted under a cut. Don't know how to? Then look here..

  11. You have to be a member to claim. Just click HERE to join:)

  12. Feel free to post Pic Spams of your claim, but please have all pictures under a cut!

  13. Have fun, Be Nice and enjoy your stay:)
Claimed List
Last name, First name (Country)

Ali, Kabir (England)- claimed by sam1987
Anderson, James (England)-claimed by _eyesthatstare
Ashraful, Mohammed (Bangladesh)- claimed by rahuldravid
Astle, Nathan (New Zealand)- claimed by kiwialicat

Balaji, Laxmipathy (India)- claimed by tigereyed_hash
Bell, Ian (England)- claimed bylazvernius
Benkenstein, Dale (Durham)- claimed by domslover
Bichel, Andrew (Australia)- claimed by blueygirl
Bird, Aaron (New South Wales)- claimed by gakka
Boje, Nicky (South Africa)-claimed by _eyesthatstare
Bond, Shane (New Zealanad)- claimed by kiwialicat & frozenn
Botha, Johan (South Africa)- claimed by jazzy_d
*Boucher, Mark (South Africa)- claimed by princess_mango
Bracken, Nathan (Australia)- claimed by sexaay_reni
Breese, Gareth (Durham)- claimed by domslover
Broad, Stuart (Leicestershire)- claimed by flirtyberry

*Clark, Stuart (Australia)- claimed by melissa_lea
Clarke, Michael (Australia)- claimed by r0knr0ll & sexaay_reni
Cleary, Mark (South Australia)- claimed by marto_gal_30
Collingwood, Paul (England)-claimed by _eyesthatstare
*Cook, Alastair (Essex & England) - claimed by sim_simpop
Cullen, Dan (Australia)- claimed by celticgreen

Denly, Joe (Kent)- claimed by domslover
*DeVilliers, AB (South Africa)- claimed by crasymonkey
Dhoni, Mahendra Singh (India)- claimed by aaskie
*Dravid, Rahul (India)- claimed by rahuldravid

Ervine, Sean (Hampshire)- claimed by saziikins

*Fleming, Stephen (New Zealand)- claimed by fire_and_ice_22
Flintoff, Andrew (England)- claimed by stjarna1984 & princess_mango
Foster, James (England)- claimed by sam1987
*Franklin, James (New Zealand)- claimed by crasymonkey

Ganguly, Saurav (India)- claimed by rupsi
Gibbs, Herschelle (South Africa)- claimed by marto_gal_30
Gilchrist, Adam (Australia)- claimed by katie_malfoy
Giles, Ashley (England & Warwickshire)- claimed by sim_simpop
Gillespie, Jason (Australia)-claimed by ladyknight9
Gough, Darren (England)- claimed by sam1987

*Haddin, Brad (Australia)- claimed by melissa_lea
Hall, Andrew (South Africa)- claimed by princess_mango
Harmison, Stephen (England)- claimed by stjarna1984 & princess_mango
Harris, Chris (New Zealand)- claimed by kiwialicat
*Hauritz, Nathan (Australia)-claimed by melissa_lea
Hayden, Matthew (Australia)- claimed by margsy_wargsy
Hodge, Brad (Australia)- claimed by jazzy_d
Hoggard, Matthew (England)- claimed by stjarna1984
Hogg, Brad (Australia)- claimed by sexaay_reni
*Hussain, Nasser (England)- claimed by lirannutian
*Hussey, Michael (Australia)- claimed by lirannutian


James, Nicholas (England U19)- claimed by musicorcricket
Jaques, Phil (Australia)- claimed by margsy_wargsy
Johnson, Mitchell (Australia) - claimed by missmichelle89
Jones, Geraint (England)- claimed by lizzy_lizzy
*Jones, Simon (England)- claimed by stjarna1984

*Kaif, Mohammed (India)- claimed by xania88
Kallis, Jacques (South Africa)- claimed by reethika
Kasprowicz, Michael (Australia)- claimed by _eyesthatstare
Katich, Simon (Australia)- claimed by lizzy_lizzy
Kemp, Justin (South Africa)- claimed by kiki_saffa
Khan, Zaheer (India)- claimed by tigereyed_hash

*Langer, Justin (Australia)- claimed by lirannutian
Lara, Brian (India) - claimed by jazzy_d
*Lee, Brett (Australia)- claimed by gakka
*Loudon, Alex (Warwickshire)- claimed by sim_simpop

*Marshall, Hamish (New Zealand)- claimed by lirannutian
*Marshall, James (New Zealand)- claimed by sim_simpop
Martin, Chris (New Zealand)-claimed by lazvernius
Martyn, Damien (Australia)- claimed by lirannutian & reethika
*McCullum, Brendon (New Zealand)- claimed by stjarna1984
McGrath, Glenn (Australia)- claimed by katie_malfoy
McKenzie, Neil (South Africa) - claimed by marto_gal_30
Mills, Kyle (New Zealand)- claimed by gakka
Moran, Ian (New South Wales)- claimed by gakka

Nel, Andre (South Africa)- claimed by lazvernius
Ntini, Makhaya (South Africa)- claimed by anisha_a

O'Brien, Aaron (New South Wales)- claimed by gakka & melissa_lea
Oram, Jacob (New Zealand)- claimed by cricketgirl24

Panesar, Monty (England) - claimed by jazzy_d
*Pathan, Irfan (India) - claimed by xania88
Patel, Munaf (India)- claimed by aruna_krishna
Pietersen, Kevin (England)- claimed by _eyesthatstare
Plunkett, Liam (Durham & England)- claimed by ayjay1986
Pollock, Shaun (South Africa)- claimed by hopey182
*Ponting, Ricky (Australia)- claimed by rickyponting
Pratt, Gary (Durham & England)- claimed by ayjay1986
Prior, Matt (England)- claimed by jazzy_d


Raina, Suresh (India)- claimed by rahuldravid
Rhodes, Jonty (Ex-South Africa) - claimed by si51
Rudolph, Jacques (South Africa)- claimed by miss_valmont

Scott, Gary (Durham)- claimed by domslover
Shreesanth (India)- claimed by rahuldravid
Sinclair, Matthew (New Zealand)- claimed by marto_gal_30
Singh, Yuvraj (India)- claimed by xania88
Smith, Graeme (South Africa)- claimed by reethika
*Strauss, Andrew (England)- claimed by sim_simpop
Symonds, Andrew (Australia)- claimed by hopey182

*Tait, Shaun (Australia)- claimed by melissa_lea
Thornley, Dominic (Australia)- claimed by hopey182
Thorpe, Graham (England)- claimed by nose_piper
Tremlett, Chris (England/Hampshire)- claimed by domslover
Trescothick, Marcus (England)- claimed by sam1987


Vaughan, Michael (England)- claimed by life_instinct
Vettori, Daniel (New Zealand)- claimed by r0knr0ll & si51

Warne, Shane (Australia)- claimed by sexaay_reni
Wath, Johan van der (South Africa)- claimed by lostii
Watson, Shane (Australia)- claimed by flirtyberry
Waugh, Steve (Australia)- claimed by hopey182
White, Cameron (Australia)- claimed by si51



Zondeki, Monde (South Africa)- claimed by hopey182
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